Leon Benjamignan

Tesla Recap

Here is my Tesla recap from my 2.5 years of experience from Oct 2021 to April 2024. I won't be sharing every detail but here are some highlights I'm most proud of in no particular order:


Scored 4.0 on my last 3 x Performance Accelerations with strong technical ability, performance and collaboration across multi-disciplinary teams.

Developed stronger confidence in myself in my ability to impact Tesla's mission in a high pressure and intense work environment. Especially when starting off on inbound calls where every moment counts.

Gathered the maximum amount of promotions and merits as I could across various roles and responsibilities: Sales & Delivery inbound advisor, Ownership Loyalty Program advisor, Chat leader, 3rd party lease loss-prevention advisor, Quality Assurance Coordinator, Inside Sales Supervisor and taking on Self-Serve Demo Drive in Canada.

Developed strong collaboration skills and maintained healthy relationships across various teams: follow-ups with customers, positive office vibes, travelled to US twice, field team relations, as well as with leaders.

Realized I am better at sales than I previously thought and contributed in sharing best practices during sales huddles and created a standardization of Tesla talking points and internal resources for all our virtual teams (Sales, delivery)

Resourceful and factual. Trusted point-of-contact for checking Tesla policy and processes in virtual teams.

Taking on projects with an attitude towards obsessive documentation and weekly reporting: Chat, QA, SSDD. This helped me improve on my excel skills as well.

Open to criticism and consistent improvement: I was seeking critical feedback weekly to improve on existing and future work.


Demonstrated patience and embraced the unknown to assist customers with limited knowledge, being a beacon of light towards my team in darker times, and pivoting towards business needs for 7+ months before getting back into other areas of the business I was personally looking forward to.

I was starting to see my girlfriend less as I transitioned into a supervisor position and struggled with scheduling activities outside of work. My physical health was starting to dip.


Scheduling non-negotiable workouts, journal sessions and activities outside of work early on in the week.

Gather my new insights and remind myself how much I have accomplished thanks to working at Tesla.


Overall, working at Tesla has been THE most challenging mountain I have attempted to climb.

I felt like I made a significant impact during my tenure there with innumerable lessons and new skills I discovered within myself.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the mission. I would do it all over again.

Thank you to all the leaders who've been there for me.

For now, I think I need time to continue my move to BC this year before hopping onto the next big adventure.

- Leon. April 24, 2024.