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I'm a dependable person with incredibly high standards when it comes to work. I push myself to perform at the highest levels every day, driven to do the right things and act with integrity even when no one is looking.

I'm a recent Tesla alumni as of mid-April where I was an Inside Sales Supervisor, Quality Assurance Coordinator and top performing Advisor.

Previously, I built a local plant-based dumpling business from scratch with my girlfriend, coached fitness business owners on Instagram marketing, and also ran a beard oil business.


Moving across Canada to BC in early July, 2024.

Reviewing my options for the next position in my career. Open to work.

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Here's What People Say About Me

"Leon is truly exemplary going above and beyond in our mission time and time again. Leon proactively seeks opportunities to pivot based on operational demand."

- Alberto Collagrosso, Inside Sales Supervisor at Tesla

"Leon took his listening strategies, sales acumen, and genuine concern for client satisfaction to new heights."

- Edward Galvez, Senior Sales and Operations Advisor at Tesla

"Leon's willingness to help, passion for excellence, and unwavering attention to customer experience have all contributed to the brand's success in Canada."

- Leslie Wong, Operations Advisor at Tesla

"I've made close to £15,000 in sales directly generated from Instagram since we began working together. Starting from ZERO, no followers, no paid ads."

- Justin Devonshire, Transform Hub with 20+ locations now

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