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If you need a pair of eyes to maximize your efforts on Instagram for your business, then this might be the most important page you read today.

To decide if my services are right for you or not, let me ask four questions:

  • Do you sit in bed at the end of the day tired and frustrated that all your hard work on Instagram ends up equaling ZERO sales and minimal engagement?
  • Do you spend hours creating epic pictures, amazing content only to get crickets on your post?
  • HATE "spam bots" and would LOVE to have actual REAL people (with money ready to invest in YOUR services) actively commenting and interacting on your posts?
  • Continually crushed and confused on how to turn followers into fans into raving customers?!

Hi, I'm Leon Benjamignan and I've worked with hundreds of business owners since 2016 in the fitness space and other markets.

I've developed my methods to grow my own beard oil business and my local plant-based dumpling business (we grew so fast that we couldn't keep up with orders). I've also helped fitness business owners start from scratch and get to 15,000 british pounds in sales in less than a month..

In essence, I've coached clients to communicate clearer and improve the quality of their local and online presence on Instagram. This resulted in:

To dig in further, here are some of my services and resources:

7-Day Instagram Challenge [Course]

From zero, to gaining your first customers via Instagram with a proven system you can repeat over and over no matter what changes come to Instagram.

Turbo Audit [Service]

To identify your potential growth opportunities. (could be for: sales, referrals, engagement, exposure, DMs, followers, etc.)

Full Audit [Service]

To strategize on your potential growth opportunities.

An bit more on the Full IG Audit


Take my Free IG Assessment Test. It will uncover areas where you can improve on your account today - by using leverage and focusing on business principles.

How I Got Sales Via Instagram For My Local Business And You Can Too - [Guide]

Podcast Appearances

See you on the other side,


PS: Where will you be 28 days from now if you choose not to invest in one of my offers? No doubt you're still a bit unclear on how to get significant leads from Instagram or will be wasting time on the app as it's designed to suck up your time by scrolling. Allow me to help me get you in, and get you out of Instagram while focusing on just the stuff that works.

"Hey Leon I thought I should tell you that I've made close to $25,976 in sales directly generated from Instagram - organically - since we began working together. And that's starting from ZERO, no followers, no paid ads."

Justin Devonshire - Fitness Bootcamp Owner

"Leon is someone who is very giving with his time, will answer questions and if you have money, he's someone I would invest in. 100%. He's never done me wrong. He's never done anyone I know wrong. Great guy. The only IG peep I recommend hands down."

Dan Meredith - Best selling author, Serial Entrepreneur, founder of Coffee With Dan, who's words and coaching have changed the lives of 100's of 1000's of entrepreneurs worldwide

"Leon very kindly sent me a couple of "how to do local insta" guides that he's made so thought I would give it another go. 100 followers over night most of which are local and a booking for this weekend already. The man knows his shit!"

Jack Beadle - Hatchet Harry's & Events business owner

"I got out of my comfort zone to do videos on Instagram really useful information. Lots more insta clarity. He suggested more videos for leads... Did a video.... got a lead from the video within 24 hours. Even started to understand # following which opened a whole new door for me! Keep it simple. Make it happen. It works."

Annabel Jeffcoate - Exercise Professional, Pilates Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach

"Very organised and straight forward 7 days it has been and I really liked the structure. I also need to do two videos in the gym to complete the challenge. There is a few changes I need to make in the source accounts I believe but I've never felt so confident about Instagram."

Greg Perlaki - DVRT Fitness UK Master Trainer